My Partners

With a significant support of partners and companies who invest in my talent development it's possible to compete with the best athletes of this sport over the world and grow in excellence and perfection.

  • VirtusLab Sp. z o.o.

    VirtusLabWe create and engineer software

    Modern business relies on software. Through our services & technology, we help the customer achieve more with software – faster. We are technically savvy, invest in R&D, strongly support the IT community by launching conferences, meetups and by contributing to open source initiatives. We work hard to push the frontier of software technology and improve efficiency.

Be a partner of success in my professional racing journey

Besides of racing, my team was working hard on my personal brand since the beginning to build the plafrom for potential partners and sponsors which is going to ensure them of all the benefits by becoming my individual partner.

As a partner your brand going to be present on:

  • Social media
  • Racing suite
  • Racing helmet
  • Team wear - like t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, caps etc.
  • Media promo content
Promo Image
Promo Image

An engagement that pays off

  • Wide social ranges

    Wide social ranges

    The best modern marketing channel for every size of a business. Facebook & Instagram accounts with long track record of generic ranges and thousands interactions per each published content.

  • Visibility in motorsport

    Visibility in motorsport

    Your brand is going to be present on the racing paddock during various competitions together with the companion of many well known premium brands involved in professional racing.

  • Self driven marketing

    Self driven marketing

    People around me are going to take care of all the marketing channels. They might cooperate closely with your company on the marketing campaigns focused on our partnership.

  • Brand development

    Brand development

    Your company can use our partnership in the own initiatives for building strong employer branding as an example. Such young talent support and motorsport involvement is a significant branding component.

Involve your company into the motorsport and gain visibility

Partnership & cooperation